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P@$sW0Rd5 – They’re complex.

I hope I didn’t just show off anyone’s password up there in the title… although that’s a great one!

In any case, the whole point of this post is to encourage you to change your password… but not to a NEW one. Hear me out…

Isn’t the average “#GeorgeConstanzaWallet” loaded with four credit cards, two debit cards, a dozen points/reward cards along with several stamp cards and a couple government-issued ID cards? Each of these with their own login details. With Twitters “whoops” message (shown below) it just helps you realize how there are accounts that require more security than others.


Twitter popup about the password change


No one has asked for it, but here’s my opinion.

Credit & debitĀ cards. Have two pins per “brand” that you rotate. For instance, ALL MasterCards would either be 3396 or 2358, ALL Visas are 9354 or 0993 while ALL debit cards are 0844 or 9325 this way, it’s one or the other. You also won’t lock yourself out when you’ve got only three tries before your card is locked.

Digital Get yourself a password manager (ones I’ve used in the past are Keypass, LastPass or Roboform). I hear Dashlane is good also… let me know in a comment what you’d recommend.

  • As for actual passwords to remember & use while you’re away from your regular PC, I personally recommend having only a few passwords of varying complexity. One password could simply be: MyPassword4FunĀ  – this one could be for accounts that need to be less secure, like game sites or reward signons.
  • The next password needs to be next level complex like: OneDogIsPlentyRight12 It would be used for more secure websites, feel free to use it more than once on other websites/accounts of similar security needs.
  • The final password (or two) needs to be REALLY difficult such as: T0P$3cret1! or Th1sP@$sw0rdzH@rd! This one would be for banks or accounts that, if hacked, could really mess up your life (eg. government, anything financial or shopping sites)

In summary, get a password generator & keeper. This will make your passwords nearly impossible to hack and you’ll only have to remember a single password, the one to get into your password manager… if you forget that one, you’re outta luck.

Lay it down, what are your thoughts?