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Slacks new logo…

Alright, I gotta vent. This kills me… it’s not just Slack though, it’s ALL the companies. Seriously, here are a few ‘big guys’, what do you think?


OR medical companies (this one was pointed out on Twitter):

2019_01_17_09_40_49_slack_s_got_a_new_logo_and_everyone_s_got_an_opinion medical

What I see in this new slack logo is tear drops or sweat or something wet “flying off” of it. yuck.

I read their blog post, I get it. There needs to be a brand update, sure. BUT there were some great options posted by the third party branding company they worked with, Pentagram. I don’t think the third party company means to be aligned with a satanic icon “the Pentagram” but hey, who knows. #YouBeYou right? If they want to go to hell, so be it.

In any case, they tested some new ways to depict the hashtag/pound sigh (this thing>>#) and was pretty interesting. A couple options REALLY stood out to me, not the one used however…


Now, the same company ALSO posted a few new examples of a potential Slack brand. To stick out, I REALLY like the third from the left on the top row, what do you think?


To each their own, what ever. Does it really matter? NOPE! But everyone likes to complain… and so did I, just now, in this useless post. Adding more drivel to the internet… you’re welcome.

Thanks for your time, share your opinion and lets be better together…