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The viral experience – YouTube

Recently we had a video of ours make it to YouTube’s recommended views page! What a fantastic experience!

We watched everything unfold using SocialBlade to see our views & subscribers grow. It was amazing! We went from 248 subscribers & a little over 41,000 views to a whopping 1,024 subscribers & over 226,000 channel views! Amazing!

Okay, we’ll admit it wasn’t “the big time” but it was a taste of what viral velocity is or can be. Over a weekend we had more than 300 comments on a single video, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t keep up with every post. We did our best to respond to each one¬†because someone taking the time to comment, should be rewarded (unless they’re being a dum-dum).

We received everything from praise and appreciation to haters & insults. We had emails from some of the best (and worst) commentors as well invitations (both real & fake) to participate with other channels & brands. That’s probably the most exciting part of it. The comment we originally pinned on the video was fantastic! It was filled with praise and approval, topped off with some valid constructive criticism (what we thought was valuable feedback). The haters got to it. In less than a day, this poor commentor received 57 replies, majority¬†of them had a negative tone. Even though this comment was most likely part of the formula that made the video go “viral”, out of respect for them (and per their request) we unpinned it.

Oddly enough, shortly after that was done, the subscriber growth slowed and the intense daily views subsided… but wait. Was that because our video fell from the “recommended views” page or was it because of this comment? Hard to tell, but the viral velocity has dropped. Our channel continues to grow both in views & subscribers. We look forward to getting more into YouTube and creating more content to share with you (maybe even build a fan base?). Only time will tell!

Please feel free to leave a comment and/or subscribe, rate it even! Check out some of our other videos when you’re done.

Here is the video that went viral: