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Slacks new logo…

Alright, I gotta vent. This kills me… it’s not just Slack though, it’s ALL the companies. Seriously, here are a few ‘big guys’, what do you think?


OR medical companies (this one was pointed out on Twitter):

2019_01_17_09_40_49_slack_s_got_a_new_logo_and_everyone_s_got_an_opinion medical

What I see in this new slack logo is tear drops or sweat or something wet “flying off” of it. yuck.

I read their blog post, I get it. There needs to be a brand update, sure. BUT there were some great options posted by the third party branding company they worked with, Pentagram. I don’t think the third party company means to be aligned with a satanic icon “the Pentagram” but hey, who knows. #YouBeYou right? If they want to go to hell, so be it.

In any case, they tested some new ways to depict the hashtag/pound sigh (this thing>>#) and was pretty interesting. A couple options REALLY stood out to me, not the one used however…


Now, the same company ALSO posted a few new examples of a potential Slack brand. To stick out, I REALLY like the third from the left on the top row, what do you think?


To each their own, what ever. Does it really matter? NOPE! But everyone likes to complain… and so did I, just now, in this useless post. Adding more drivel to the internet… you’re welcome.

Thanks for your time, share your opinion and lets be better together…

P@$sW0Rd5 – They’re complex.

I hope I didn’t just show off anyone’s password up there in the title… although that’s a great one!

In any case, the whole point of this post is to encourage you to change your password… but not to a NEW one. Hear me out…

Isn’t the average “#GeorgeConstanzaWallet” loaded with four credit cards, two debit cards, a dozen points/reward cards along with several stamp cards and a couple government-issued ID cards? Each of these with their own login details. With Twitters “whoops” message (shown below) it just helps you realize how there are accounts that require more security than others.


Twitter popup about the password change


No one has asked for it, but here’s my opinion.

Credit & debit cards. Have two pins per “brand” that you rotate. For instance, ALL MasterCards would either be 3396 or 2358, ALL Visas are 9354 or 0993 while ALL debit cards are 0844 or 9325 this way, it’s one or the other. You also won’t lock yourself out when you’ve got only three tries before your card is locked.

Digital Get yourself a password manager (ones I’ve used in the past are Keypass, LastPass or Roboform). I hear Dashlane is good also… let me know in a comment what you’d recommend.

  • As for actual passwords to remember & use while you’re away from your regular PC, I personally recommend having only a few passwords of varying complexity. One password could simply be: MyPassword4Fun  – this one could be for accounts that need to be less secure, like game sites or reward signons.
  • The next password needs to be next level complex like: OneDogIsPlentyRight12 It would be used for more secure websites, feel free to use it more than once on other websites/accounts of similar security needs.
  • The final password (or two) needs to be REALLY difficult such as: T0P$3cret1! or Th1sP@$sw0rdzH@rd! This one would be for banks or accounts that, if hacked, could really mess up your life (eg. government, anything financial or shopping sites)

In summary, get a password generator & keeper. This will make your passwords nearly impossible to hack and you’ll only have to remember a single password, the one to get into your password manager… if you forget that one, you’re outta luck.

Lay it down, what are your thoughts?

The viral experience – YouTube

Recently we had a video of ours make it to YouTube’s recommended views page! What a fantastic experience!

We watched everything unfold using SocialBlade to see our views & subscribers grow. It was amazing! We went from 248 subscribers & a little over 41,000 views to a whopping 1,024 subscribers & over 226,000 channel views! Amazing!

Okay, we’ll admit it wasn’t “the big time” but it was a taste of what viral velocity is or can be. Over a weekend we had more than 300 comments on a single video, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t keep up with every post. We did our best to respond to each one because someone taking the time to comment, should be rewarded (unless they’re being a dum-dum).

We received everything from praise and appreciation to haters & insults. We had emails from some of the best (and worst) commentors as well invitations (both real & fake) to participate with other channels & brands. That’s probably the most exciting part of it. The comment we originally pinned on the video was fantastic! It was filled with praise and approval, topped off with some valid constructive criticism (what we thought was valuable feedback). The haters got to it. In less than a day, this poor commentor received 57 replies, majority of them had a negative tone. Even though this comment was most likely part of the formula that made the video go “viral”, out of respect for them (and per their request) we unpinned it.

Oddly enough, shortly after that was done, the subscriber growth slowed and the intense daily views subsided… but wait. Was that because our video fell from the “recommended views” page or was it because of this comment? Hard to tell, but the viral velocity has dropped. Our channel continues to grow both in views & subscribers. We look forward to getting more into YouTube and creating more content to share with you (maybe even build a fan base?). Only time will tell!

Please feel free to leave a comment and/or subscribe, rate it even! Check out some of our other videos when you’re done.

Here is the video that went viral:




S`More Poll!

In a video we put out (found here) we asked a very important question:

1. Dark Chocolate 

A. Milk Chocolate

Which is best?

You decide & let us know below:

Do it! Do it now!!!


In A Year From Now

Seriously, what’s the hold up? Pitter Patter, let’s get at her! No time like the present, carpe diem, YOLO and all of that! Grab that dream and run with it!

What’s my excuse? I’m working on that… I’ve got all these great ideas but can’t seem to find the time to get any of them done… why is that? Is it that I’m inefficient with the use of my time? Maybe a lack of time management? Am I too easily distracted? Just the fact that there’s only 24 hours in a day and I seem to need at least 8 of those to sleep and/or rest and a couple more dedicate to food and potty stops? Who am I waiting on?

These are not rhetorical questions… if you’ve got a hint, tip or idea to help any of us get it together and make it happen, PLEASE share!!!! I see comment section…

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Motivation. Sometimes with threats, sometimes with rewards. I personally prefer rewards. When I feel threatened, I often feel less interested in doing a good job and more interested in just getting the job done. Reward my best work and you’ll get more of it!

What form of motivation best gets you going?

Spiral light show above Norway, similar to the one over China!

Here’s a cool video of one neat display! Is it UFO? A Russian missile? Or just an elaborat and amazing laser light show? One thing for sure, it does look like a vortex that could verywell be a portal that closes at the end! In any case, really neat looking!

Toyota FTW


This is fantastic! This is worth posting/blogging by EVERYONE! Here’s Toyota helping out and showing off their fantastic TPS (Toyota Production System). High-five to you Toyota, creators of the Swagger Wagon!


This is a very interesting slideshow on how reddit works. I enjoyed the review, you might to!

I also found this site helpful while/after reviewing the above slideshow:

Being a true Gentleman

Being a true Gentleman

These are good rules to live by men. Nice guys DON’T finish last, they end up with ladies. Our friend Sharpwit says, “Being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is matter of age, being a gentleman is a matter of manners or choice…” Choose wisely, sirs.